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Career Counselling and Advisory Services


We provide counselling and coaching services to all professionals and jobseekers already based within GCC or seeking to relocate to the GCC region.

In respect of lawyers, we counsel and advise at every experience level on issues, concerns, or blocks that they may be facing in their professional practising career:

Some examples of areas covered:

Slowdown of business: should I re-focus my areas of practice?

Business development: how can I improve in a tough market?

Client handling/development: how do I get more out of the client?

Push for partnership: should I stay or move firm?

Pros and Cons of a move in house: Is it right for me?

Dealing with difficult professional relationships or cultural environment

Mapping a career strategy

Looking outside the law

How to boost your sense of self-respect or value/motivation as a lawyer


In respect of other professionals, or job seekers generally, we offer dedicated counselling and advice on:


Optimization of use of LinkedIn as a professional networking tool

Career planning

Bespoke job search techniques

CV review, refresh or re-modelling

Ensuring conformity of CV with ATS systems, improving CV impact

Production of e-portfolios

Production of Video CVs

Whatever your needs, we work 1:1 with you to find effective and creative solutions. If you are a lawyer, please get in touch by emailing or if you are any other professional or a jobseeker, please get in touch by emailing

We will be happy to offer a free initial 20-minute conversation to see how we can help.