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Every law firm will be fundamentally affected by the changed business environment that will emerge once the market stabilises post Covid-19. This will offer both opportunities and challenges on the personnel side for all law firms. In order to meet the demands of the changing business environment, we will now offer to law firms:


    Where you have a lawyer who is transitioning out of the firm (perhaps as a result of redundancy, or where a hire has failed to work out), but would like to assist them positively in moving on with their career, we can support those individuals and provide them with the tools to enable them to prepare for, and find, their next role. The advisory services would include:

    Assistance with drafting of cv, business plan, covering letter, and LinkedIn profile;

    Interview preparation;

    Preparation of a professional video CV (please see the separate tab for this);

    Specific career guidance.


    Where you are worried that you are about to lose a key member of the firm (partner or associate) because you have noted a level of dissatisfaction or discontent on the part of that individual, that HR or management has not been able to resolve, or where such a lawyer unexpectedly tenders his/her resignation, we can again provide external objective support and assistance to try to resolve the situation, with a view to your retaining the individual lawyer.

    Kevin Cooper, who is leading this service, has more than 20 years’ experience in counselling lawyers on the issues/concerns they face, and his insights, rigorous analysis based on a real understanding of the business of law, as well as personal empathy, can nurture a level of openness that leads to solutions.

    Again, we see clear benefits to this approach:

    This is a pre-emptive strategy (or last ditch attempt) to try to head off a potential loss of a key member of the firm, who might be difficult/costly to replace and whose departure may have a negative impact.

    It creates a more positive and supportive internal dynamic for the whole firm.

    We have noted many instances where there are grievances/issues that an individual is not comfortable to discuss internally, but which can be addressed externally with a trusted advisor. Gaining their total trust is of course a pre-requisite and we will need to discuss how to deal with aspects of confidentiality on a case by case basis.

    We are happy to discuss with any law firm a cost structure that is appropriate with regard to the expected number of individuals it will wish to offer this service to. Please contact kevin directly on We can also consider costing on a project basis.